Hi! and welcome to Dr. Sabia’s Website.

So glad you can visit.  This year you are about to embark on a journey  We will be taking a trip around the world in Social Studies.  During this adventure we will visit different places and explore different cultures.  This is going to be an exciting excursion.  So come to school each day ready to meet each learning challenge with a positive attitude and let’s prepare for all the possibilities that await you in the future!!

Prepare for the Possibilities is the slogan of the Purple Team.  The future holds for you great promise.  There are so many careers and options in the future for you to explore.  And the preparation begins here with you right now!  So get ready, get set, let’s roll! Prepare for the Possibilities!

New homework will be posted Google Calendar.   Go to the Purple Team on Ponus website home page.

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